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Augustinian Saints and Blesseds

Throughout the annals of history, numerous adherents of the Augustinian way of life have been canonized as Saints or beatified as Blessed individuals by the Catholic Church. These devout figures of the Christian Faith, sanctified by the grace of Jesus Christ, are revered for their lives characterized by virtue and their unwavering dedication to God and the Church.

Each of these remarkable souls is commemorated on a specific day known as their Feast Day, a moment of distinct veneration within the Liturgical Calendar. On these occasions, Christians, particularly Augustinian Friars and Sisters, gather to reflect upon their inspiring examples of faithful existence and invoke their intercession with God on behalf of the contemporary world.

Below, you will find a list of their names alongside the respective dates of their liturgical observances. By clicking on a name, you will be redirected to the website of the Midwest Augustinians a concise biographical overview of the Augustinian Saint or Blessed commemorated on that day.