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Order of Saint Augustine

Augustinians Around the World

Augustinians are present in more than 47 countries and on five continents. With the extended family of all those who commit themselves to living the spirit of Augustine, we are present in almost every country on earth. See list of countries below.


Tanzania, Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea and Algeria.

Canada, United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Porto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. We also have a non-governmental representation at the UN headquarters.

Indonesia, India, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Australia and Japan.

Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Malta, Poland and Austria.



Asia Pacific

(OSAAP) Order of Saint Augustine in Asia Pacific
(AUS) Province of Australasia
(CAE) Province of Santo Niño de Cebu – Philippines
(ORI) Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus of the Philipppines
(IND) Vicariatus Indiae –   Vicariate of Our Lady of Grace, India
(JAP) Vicariate of the Augustinian Martyrs of Japan
(PAP) Vicariatus Indonesiana – Vicariate of Christus Totus West Papua
(KOR) Delegatio Koreana (South Korea)

North America:

Province of Saint Augustine in California (West Coast)
Province of St. Thomas of Villanova (East Coast)
Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel (Midwest & Canada)


Union of Augustinian Friars in Africa –
Vicariatus Congolensis 
Vicariatus Kenyana 
Provincia Nigeriensis
Delegatio Tanzaniae 

Latin America

(OALA) Organización de Agustinos de Latinoamérica – 
(AMC) Delegatio Americae Centralis
(ANT) Vicariatus Antillarum (Caribbean) – 
(Perú) Vicariatus Apurimacensis (Apurimac, Peru)
(ARG) Vicariatus Argentinensis (Argentina)
(BOL) Vicariatus Boliviae (Bolivia)
(BRP) Provincia Brasiliensis (Brazil)
(BRM) Provincia Brasiliensis Nossa Senhora da Consolação
(CHL) Provincia Chilensis (Chile)
(CHU) Vicariatus Chulucanensis (Perú)
(COL) Provincia Colombiana
(CUB) Delegatio Cubana 
(IQU) Vicariatus Iquitosensis (Perú)
(MEC) Provincia Mechoacanensis (Mexicana) –  Provincia de San Nicolas de Tolentino, Michoacan, Mexico – 
 (MEX) Provincia Mexicana (Mexico) – Provincia del Santisimo Nombre de Jesus de Mexico
(PAN) Vicariatus Panamensis – Vicariate of Santo Tomas de Villanueva – Panama-Costa Rica
(PER) Provincia Peruviana
(QUI) Provincia Quitensis (Ecuadoriensis) - Provincia San Miguel De Quito
(VEN) Vicariatus Venetiolae


(ABR) Abbatia Brunnensis (Brno) –   Augustinian Abbey and Parish at the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Old Brno
(ANG) Provincia Angliae-Scotiae (Britain)
(BEL) Provincia Belgicae (Belgium) –
(BOH)Provincia Bohemiae (Czech Republic)
(GER) Provincia Germaniae (Germany)
(HIB) Provincia Hiberniae (Ireland)
(HOL) Provincia Hollandiae (Netherlands)
(ITA)Provincia Italiae
(MEL) Provincia Melitensis (Malta)
(POL) Provincia Poloniae (Poland)
(SAH) Provincia Sahagunensis (Spain)