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Seminary/Formation Ministry

Seminary/Formation Ministry

Initial formation ministry is commonly called seminary formation. It is where aspiring Augustinians are formed and trained in various aspects of a human person – education, spirituality, and psycho-social development. The Province has three seminaries, 2 in Luzon and 1 in the Visayas.

Aspirants are undergoing formation at the San Agustin Center of Studies in Quezon City, and at the same time the simply-professed friars are also staying in SACS. Meanwhile, San Agustin Seminary in Makati City is where late vocations or professionals are formed under the Archdiocese of Manila. Lastly, the Augustinian Novitiate and Prayer House, where seminarians spend their canonical year of novitiate as prescribed by the Constitutions of the Order.

San Agustin Center of Studies
Quezon City

Monasterio de Guadalupe
Makati City

Augustinian Novitiate and Prayer House
Talisay City, Cebu