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The Augustinians are members of the Order of Saint Augustine (OSA), an international Catholic religious community of men and women, founded in 1244. The men members alone are present in nearly 50 countries across the world.

Why I joined the Augustinians

Nov. Johnson Butalon

Honestly, at first, I didn’t know that there were religious priests. I thought all were just diocesan. And upon knowing where He had put me, I’m very glad to God. He put me in the right place. Long before I came to know the Augustinians, I used to work alone, doing things without the help of others, and love being alone all the time. The Augustinians changed my perspective in life. With the Augustinian community, I learned to seek help from others and even love to be with the people; and I found myself happy when I’m with them I never feel alone when I’m with them. They are my second family, and I am proud to say I am an Augustinian.

Nov. Russel John Duetiz

“Augustinians are known for their way of life which is a life in common. As such, this Augustinian charism demands life which is directed to God in a form of service to others. In relation to the question “Why Augustinian?”, I choose the Order of Saint Augustine because I really appreciate its way of life. And I think I endured all the challenges that I experienced along in my journey because; first, God helped me to embrace that way of life; and second, because I am a person who loves serving with others.”

Nov. Louie Ozaraga

“The one who introduced the religious life to me was not Augustine himself, but St. Francis of Assissi who showed the beauty of religious life. However, because of my desire to experience the monastic life, I searched for a religious monastery and joined some religious organizations. I became a member of the Cofradia del Santo Niño de Cebu which helped me discover the Augustinian Order. The things which inspire me the most, and make me stay and be proud as an Augustinian, are the Augustinian brotherhood and community life. I find these two very holistic and God-centered ideals of living. For four years of being an Augustinian, the burning fire of love for my religious vocation is still growing and I continue to discern the love of God which Augustine experienced.”

Stages of Formation

1. Discernment (Search-in)


A man interested in religious life within the Augustinian Order will meet with a vocation director, who establishes a relationship and meets with the man to listen and discuss his interest in religious life. After evaluation, the vocation director introduces the candidate to the community and recommends that the discerner spend time with members of the Augustinian community.

2. Aspirancy


(3 Years for College Seminarians and 1 year for professionals)
This stage of formation aims at acquainting the candidate with the seminary life, particularly its Augustinian dimension, cultivating his vocation through the discerning guidance of formators. There are two separate formation houses for college students and late vocations or professionals. One is in San Agustin Center of Studies in Quezon City and the other one is Monasterio de Guadalupe in Makati City.

3. Postulancy

This is a year of intensified preparation for the novitiate and the start of the probation proper (cfr. Const., 228). After the candidate has expressed in writing his willingness to undergo the probation period, the major superior accepts him officially as a candidate to the Order.

4. Novitiate


Your year in the Novitiate is a pivotal step in the formation process.  As a novice, the candidate receives a white habit. The candidate continues developing his life of prayer and deepening his relationship with God. Formation as an Augustinian continues as he lives according to the Rule and integrates the values and mission of the Augustinians.


A key aspect of the Novitiate step is Prayer.  God’s Grace strengthens the joy and freedom of the consecrated life, in service to the Church and to the world in Christ’s name. The emphasis on a life of prayer does not minimize other aspects of the formative process. Instead it is the source of our being and action.

5. Simple Professions of Vows


At the end of one’s Novitiate year, the candidate will profess his first vows in the Augustinian Order.  These initial vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience are also called simple/temporary vows.  They are “temporary” because they are to be renewed annually as the candidate continues to discern his vocation, until solemn vows.  

6. Theological Studies

The candidate will enroll for theological studies at the Recoletos School of Theology for three or four years. 

7. Pastoral Exposure

Pastoral Exposure


During this year the candidates are assigned in our different communities to familiarize themselves with the varied apostolates of the Province/Order. At the end of the pastoral exposure for six to seven months, the candidates are recalled back to the seminary for a month of integration period and to be followed by a  retreat prior to solemn profession.

8. Solemn Profession of Vows


Solemn Vows are made between the Fourth and Fifth Year in the Theologate. If a friar is found to be suitable and has reached the age of 24, completed his pastoral year and the fourth year of theology, the friar will profess solemn vows.

If the friar is called to the brotherhood vocation instead of a priestly vocation, the formation process is complete!  He is ready for active ministry! If the friars is called to the priesthood, he proceeds to the following steps below.

9. Ordination to the Diaconate


After solemn vows, a friar may then be ordained to the Diaconate.  As transitional deacons, they often begin preaching the Gospel during the Mass, administering the sacrament of Baptism, and other activities to help prepare them for the ordination to the priesthood.

10. Ordination to the Priesthood


The major superior, with consent of his council, will present for his reception of Holy Orders only those persons whose knowledge, conduct, and other qualities required by canon law have been established.  The candidate is then ordained a Catholic priest by a bishop.

Are you Restless?

Prayer for Augustinian Vocations

Leader: Let us pray to the Lord of the harvest who calls men and women serve Him in love.
Response: That they may know their vocation and live it.

Leader: Let us pray.


All glory and praise are yours, God of truth and light of our hearts,
for you guide your people to the ways of holiness.
Help those who follow the footsteps of our Holy Father Augustine
to seek you through mutual love and worship
and to be servants of your Church as examples that others may follow.
Enlighten men and women to see the beauty of community life
in the spirit of our holy father Augustine,
and strengthen them in your service
so that the work you have begun in the fullness of time,
may be brought to perfection for the fullness of life.
This we ask through Christ, our Lord in union with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Mother of Good Counsel, pray for us!

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