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Brief History of the Mother of Good Counsel Parish


This is the transcription of a video created by the Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish in celebration of its 40th anniversary as a parish, click here to watch.

The Mother of Good Counsel of Parish in Chrysanthemum village, San Pedro Laguna was first administered by the Order of Cleric Regular (Somascan Fathers) from 1979 to 1985.

They came to serve and organize the Catholic faithful of Chrysanthemum Village and surrounding subdivisions who are in need of a commonplace worship and a pastor to assist in their spiritual needs.

A small chapel was then built in block 2 (Sevilla St.) as a common house of worship and was named after Saint Jerome Emiliani, Patron of the Somascan Order.

However, due to limited funds and a growing number of churchgoers, the people decided to relocate and construct a bigger church. In August 1981, the construction of a church began at its present location in L. Santos Street.

The Bishop of the Diocese of San Pablo, the late Rev. Monsignor Pedro Bantigue, D.D. granted the status of a Parochial Church on September 25, 1983 with Rev. Fr. Giovanni Tarditi, CSR, as the first parish priest.

However, in 1985, the Somascans withdrew their administration of the parish and was transferred to the care of the friars of Order of Saint Augustine with Rev. Fr. Rodolfo Sicio, OSA, as the parish priest.

In 1987, the Provincial Council of the Order of Saint Augustine – Province of Santo Niño de Cebu formally accepted the offer to administer the parish and to establish an Augustinian community within it to take charge of the spiritual needs of the people.

Augustinians made substantial changes in the management of the parish.

In 1988 to 1989, the church building that was constructed in 1981 was demolished due to some structural defects and to give way to the present structural design by Arch. Lito Mercado.

Moreover, in May 1995, the Father Provincial of the Order of Saint Augustine-Province of Santo Niño de Cebu suggested to remain the Church after any Augustinian saint or devotion.

After consulting the opinion of the bishop, and the parishioners via survey and referendum process, it was decided that the titular saint of the parish, St. Jerome Emiliani, be changed to Mother of Good Counsel on April 26, 1996.

Three years after the completion of the entire church structure that includes the sanctuary, baptistry, and belfry, the late Bishop Rev. Msgr. Francisco San Diego, D.D. consecrated and dedicated the whole church on April 26th, 1999.

At present, the parish administers four chapels, the Resurrection Chapel, Santo Niño de Cebu Chapel, Saint Joseph, the Worker Chapel, and the Holy Family Chapel.

She was served by 13 parish priests who strived hard to form the faithful and to finish their house of worship.

Here are some photos of the first chapel and structure of the Mother of Good Counsel Parish during the time of the Somascans and the arrival of the Augustinians in the administration of the parish.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Soledad Abad.
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