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Bishop John Mcnabb, OSA said, “our best investment would be in the people, not in building.”

    When the Province of Villanova arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), they came there to respond to the needs of the people.   

    The good thing is, the Japanese Catholics developed their deep faith; however, they still need a shepherd to guide them because of the spiritual avidity of the Japanese Catholics, the Province of Villanova sent their first missionary in Nagasaki in the name of Fr. Thomas Purcell, OSA.

    According to Fr. Mahoney OSA, Fr. Purcell’s monicker is the “bulldozer.”  It is not because of his size but because of his initiative in building the faith in the hearts of the Japanese Catholic faithful.

    I have not met Fr. Purcell in person but every time I go for a Hospital or house-to-house visitation, most of the Nagasaki Catholic faithful shared the sacrifices and the efforts of Fr. Purcell.  This praises to Fr. Purcell made me feel elated as an Augustinian Missionary.

    Today, the collective effort of the early missionaries of the Vicariate of Japan is rewarded with a beautiful church.

    I, myself, am enjoying the reward of those efforts of the early missionaries.  That is why, I am reminded everyday of what I am doing at present is an essential reflection of God’s invitation to spread the word of God. My four (4) years in Japan as a missionary taught me how it is to be a servant of the Church.

    Likewise, St. Augustine saw his mission as a servant: A servant of Christ and in his name, a servant of his servant.  In his letter, 124, Augustine wrote: “My first concern must be for the Church entrusted to me (Hippo).” Let us learn from the words of Augustine, serve others’ interest and be useful to everybody.

    To the missionaries of the world, “Bansai.”  Fr. Charlie Pomuceno, OSA

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