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Huniño returns after 5 years

With the inspiration of promoting devotion through songs and collecting original song compositions for the liturgical celebrations in honor of the Santo Niño de Cebu, the Augustinian Friars of the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu has once again organized the HUNIÑO: Huni Halad alang kang Señor Santo Niño.

The last time that the Huniño was staged at the Basilica was in 2018.

The 13th Huniño: A Liturgical Song Writing Competition Concert Night featured 12 talented chorale groups who advanced to the finals after rigorous screening. The event took place at the grounds of the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño de Cebu on August 23, 2023, drawing devoted crowds eager to witness the highly anticipated Huniño comeback.

Emerging as winners were the DMC CHORUS, who bagged the THIRD PLACE showcasing a heartfelt performance of the song “Santo Niño Ang Pan Sa Kinabuh,” with its composer, Russel Mathew Estaño and lyricist, Jezrael Robert Inoc.

The SECOND PLACE was won by the HUNI SA HABAGAT with their inspiring interpretation of “Mahal ka Namin, O Señor Santo Niño,” composed and written by Niño James Bañares.

Ending the night on a triumphant note, the LITURGICAL YODELERS RECOLETOS (LYRe) were proclaimed as GRAND CHAMPION with their grace-filled rendition of “Huni sa Pagdayeg,” composed by Christian Charles Acar and written by Carl Ian A. Dris.

Special awards were also given namely: Best Music Video won by “Hari sa Kasingkasing Ko” and interpreted by St. Cecilia Choir; Devotees’ Choice award for an inspiring composition titled, “A Child’s Prayer” performed by Rhythm & Music Choristers featuring Yna Gabriela F. Zoleta; and Best Interpreter to HUNI HABAGAT (The University of Southern Philippines Foundation Chorale) for the song “Mahal Ka Namin, O Señor Santo Niño.”

Pioneered in 2007, the Huniño has remained steadfast in its primary goal of spreading devotion through the power of music.

These musical compositions stand as remarkable testaments to the unwavering faith and devotion by countless devotees of the Holy Child Jesus across the world, particularly those gifted in the realm of music.

Moreover, these beautiful harmonies serve as a poignant reminder that deep within us, we all retain a childlike innocence, seeking solace and guidance from God in both moments of joy and hardship.

Our heartfelt prayers, spoken with sincerity, never fall on deaf ears; God listens to our innermost desires, embracing us like the children we are when we turn to Him, always. /Grace Noynay, BMSN Media Centre volunteer


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