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OSANiño at 40 Exhibit: Honored the Artistic and Pastoral Works of the Augustinian Community

OSA Niño at 40 Exhibit

In a remarkable celebration marking four decades of dedicated service by the Province of Santo Niño de Cebu – Philippines, the OSANiño at 40 Exhibit opened its doors at the Cube Wing Atrium, SM Seaside City Cebu on January 10, 2024.

This event aimed to commemorate the significant impact the Augustinians had made on the community, underlining the theme “Profoundly Sharing Lives in the Community for the Service of the Church.”

The exhibit featured paintings created by OSA friars and interactive artworks showcasing the evolution and commitment of the Augustinians to community service.

The opening ceremony commenced with a fervent address by OSANiño at 40 Chairman, Rev. Fr. Jonas M. Mejares, OSA, who emphasized that the exhibit aimed to showcase the missionary and pastoral works of Augustinian friars belonging to the Province of Sto. Niño de Cebu.

“In this event, we honored the achievements of our Augustinian forebearers, their dedication, their drive, their willingness to sacrifice in order to love and to serve, and their contributions to the Christian Catholic evangelization of the people in our country,” he added.

Moreover, the Cube Wing Atrium hall was transformed into a captivating display of the Augustinian friars in the Philippines, tracing their humble beginnings and delving into the remarkable growth and development of the Augustinian communities over the past 40 years.

The Augustinian friars, known for their commitment to education and spirituality, ventured into the realm of visual arts, offering a unique perspective that transcended traditional boundaries.

Likewise, the exhibit drew a diverse audience, including community members, students, mall-goers, and religious institutions, expressing admiration for the seamless integration of faith and artistic expression in the artworks and leaving the exhibit with a deeper understanding of the Augustinian Community’s mission.

The exhibit ran until January 21, 2024./ Jemmel Mante


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