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Young Augustinians Submit Proposals

proposal of Young Augustinians

After a series of gatherings, the Younger Augustinians in the Asia Pacific region have drafted and submitted a proposal, a 10-year renewal project for the Order of Saint Augustine (OSA), to the Major Superiors and to the Prior General.

The younger Augustinians first gathered in Tolo-tolo, Consolacion, Cebu from May 22 to 24, 2019 and met Prior General Alejandro Moral Anton, OSA.

All circumscriptions in the region sent representatives to the said meeting. The brothers came from India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines.

It was a great opportunity to express and discuss their perspectives on issues of importance for the Order in the Asia Pacific region.

Almost two years later, two virtual gatherings were held for the younger Augustinians, one in February 2021 and the second in May of the same year, to continue echoing their voice to the Order concerning leadership and the Augustinian approach to Social Justice.

According to the core team, all gatherings were successful. They have accumulated promising ideas and concepts, summarized them into proposals and submitted them to the major superiors of the Order in the Asia Pacific region and to the Prior General for their considerations.

Here are the proposals of the younger Augustinians addressed to the major superiors in the region:

First, they are calling for greater collaboration in the region so that there must be a common program for Initial and Ongoing Formation. (1) extending the Augustinian Initial Formation Congress of the Province of Santo Niño de Cebu; (2) organizing a regular/developmental formation on Augustinian spirituality; and (3) conducting survey on the needs of the younger Augustinians which will be used in developing an ongoing formation program.

Second, to create a quality website and social media accounts of OSAAP so that communications are easy to access and for wider dissemination.

Third, in the aspect of community life, the process of appointing House Priors be re-looked with the possibility of the community members electing their House Prior. In addition, there should also be a formation for Priors.

Fourth, the need for training and preparation of formators and overseas missionaries.

Fifth, to develop and communicate a unified approach to Justice and Peace because there seems to be a lack of a unified Augustinian approach to doing Justice and Peace and a lack of awareness of the involvement of the Augustinians in various justice and peace issues in the region.

Lastly, the creation of an Augustinian Center of Studies or an Augustinian Spirituality Center in the Asia Pacific region (similar to Colegio Santa Monica in Rome).

Meanwhile, here are the proposals submitted to the Prior General and his council for consideration at the General Chapter:

First, a wider collaboration and sharing of resources both material and personnel be strengthened where a structure should be established to ensure this.

Second, for young Augustinians to be given the opportunity to be an observer at the General Chapter.

Third, the establishment of an Augustinian Spirituality Center in the Asia Pacific region.

Fourth, the foundation of a governing body that supports every circumscriptions in the region, especially those struggling with manpower and financial resources.

Fifth, promote the vocation of brotherhood in the Order.

Sixth, collaborate or incorporate assistance from lay professionals in psychology and personality profiling as well as other related sciences to help with vocations and in the understanding of the contemporary candidates and the culture they operate in.

These proposals are still subject for evaluation and consideration of the major superiors and of the Prior General.


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